Colours in Nature

Am probably going to do this a few times in different colours… and am sticking to between five and seven photos per collection. This first one is browns and greens…

sunset at the Royal Senchi
I love sunsets, this was a bit unique, I tend to get reds and pinks, this effect is partly due to a good amount of dust and haze because of an unusually harsh harmattan for southern Ghana.
donkeys walking through Santorini clay plant pot, Santorini
My first time in Santorini … these donkeys carry tourists down the can’t remember how many steps to the harbour. Off to a good night’s rest.
The plant pot … was sitting in a corner on a rooftop.
Kantju Gorge, Mala Walk, Uluru looking up to the sky from Kantju Gorge, Mala Walk, Uluru
This is the closest to brown (rather than rust red) I have of the central, desert region of Australia. This is Kantju Gorge, looking in, then up, along Mala Walk – goes part of the way around Uluru.

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