the thaw…

new shoots in piled snow

It’s grey and rainy today. Washing away the slush from the huge mounds of beautiful white snow that came down last week, to herald in spring. So the city has woken up again as the roads are now passable. I just cut down a begonia plant that froze over the last week – it had started to put in new leaves, shortly before the blizzards came in. The mediterranean rue, rather, survived nicely, the baby shoots are good, and they were more exposed. But as a friend pointed out to me – those shrubs had hardened, woody stems, the begonia had soft ones.

A bit like life, you go out with lots of verve, put out new ideas, build new things. And sometimes they’re killed, sometimes frozen … the begonia’s hibernated, not dead. And sometimes the experience you gained along the way, through the rough and the smooth, gives you a coat that takes you through yet tougher times. Till the sun comes out again. And it will.

the thaw…

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