Wojanov Palace and grounds, Lower Silesia, Poland

The term 3rd culture kid is interesting because if you’re one you immediately understand what it means. Because sometimes for the first time you’re something rather than not belonging or not fitting quite right. And at the same time it says it’s great to be different. And to celebrate that.

I spent christmas a couple years ago in Silesia in south-west Poland. It’s a beautiful area, and the town we stayed in reminded me of villages in the Swiss Alps. Being with Poles was brilliant because I had a personal translator so learnt far more about the rich history of the place than a regular tourist. One of the places we visited was Wojanov Palace – reminded me a lot of Hansel & Gretel!

Wojanov Palace, Lower Silesia, Poland

One thing that stayed with me was a comment about the 2nd and 3rd generation Silesians, who are not quite German and not quite Polish, or both Polish and German. And they reconcile this by being Silesian. And that was seen as quite cool.

Just as being a 3rd culture kid is quite cool. You’re a native. Or not. You’re a foreigner. But most of all you’re you. And you’re so much more than a native or a foreigner. And that’s ultimately cool.


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