freedom ?

looking out to sea from the door of no return   Elmina Castle

This is probably not the best photo I’ve ever taken, but it captures something very relevant to recent news – this is the “door of no return” from the slave dungeons at Elmina Castle in Ghana. Looking out through it there was a very peaceful scene with fishing canoes just back in, on the beach. The coastline has receded since then, the sea came right up to this exit.

To give you a feel for how narrow it is – and how starved the slaves were by the time they were boarded, look at this photo. And that was only the beginning of their horrors.

Elmina Castle – door of no return

In theory the slave trade ended. But I’m not always convinced we’re much freer than back then. Not when a six-year-old is shamed in front of a class and told to be a “good citizen”, rather than exploring why someone that young follows a peaceful movement that is trying to end violence against a group of people, some of them descendants of slaves who were forced through that door, never to return. Rather than celebrating that someone that young is socially conscious. Sad thing is the child had not broken the law nor failed to be a good citizen.


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