remembering velvet

My love of greenery is unfortunately not correlated to my ability to keep indoor potted plants alive. However, I am (fortunately) good with outdoor gardens, though I suspect that has more to do with the sun … Considering the potted plants on my south-facing balcony generally do well.

As a teen, at home on holiday from school I somehow got assigned to the task of pruning the roses in my mother’s garden. And filling vases with roses and other assorted flowers and greenery. The latter probably had something to do with her discovering I was good at arranging flowers. Unfortunately pruning came with pulling weeds around said roses 😦 . Being a relatively large garden this wasn’t exactly a five minute job, but fortunately I have always loved being outdoors.


This rose, blooming in the garden of the Chain Church in Satu Mare, Romania, reminded me of one of the rose bushes in the garden back then, with its very deep wine, velvety roses.


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