a medal and a long walk

I went MIA last week-end, recovering from a week of little sleep before walking half a marathon in the MoonWalk Scotland 2017 with a group of cool ladies, to raise awareness and money for the breast cancer charity Walk the Walk. To get into the spirit of the MoonWalk’s jungle theme we got our faces painted as our animal of choice. I chose a peacock, will have to do it again, the lady who did it is fantastic.

The vibe was amazing, and Edinburgh is a beautiful city (ok, I admit to being biased) but doing that walk reminded me why I love this place.

Scotland MoonWalk 2017 medal - half marathon

This is the first medal I’ve won since I took part in the kids’ olympics in my primary school – those went AWOL moving between countries back then. This one is for two special ladies – my aunt Patricia who had an unusual form of breast cancer that involved long, horrendous, painful treatment. I spent a couple of days with her during that time and hope never to see anyone go through such pain again. She’s been in remission for 8 years now and is an inspiration to everyone around her. Also a fabulous designer!
The second is Sarah, who I was at primary school with, who was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago and as part of her treatment had a mastectomy.

I raise my glass to both of them, it was an honour to do that walk for them.


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