salt of the earth

pockmarked ceiling on the ascent out of the mine

Literally. This pockmarked ceiling leads up into one entrance to the salt mine at Turda, Romania, that is now a tourist attraction.

I decided when I started paying for my own holidays that I would visit at least one new country every year. I’ve managed that most years, when I didn’t I mostly managed to compensate with a new place in an old country.

I’ve just made my first new country of the year ☺. Where I took a roundabout route to a friend’s wedding. Experience has taught me to ask the locals before consulting Lonely Planet. So Salina Turda – the first place I visited after flying into Cluj, in Transylvania.

It’s a beautiful place, the patterns made by the salt kept my claustrophobia at bay. But as with all pits I have visited I felt quite glad I wasn’t born a century ago – the photo below is facing into a pit in the Echo Chamber. A fraction of the depth of the one where the amusement park is!

Echo Chamber, Salina Turda

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