keys to the unknown

peg board holding keys, Monastery of Odigitria, Crete

Year before last I spent a week chained to my laptop at a café on a warm beach in Crete in early September. I think we were a good bit of the tourist attraction in that sleepy little village, a few of the real holidaymakers did ask us (politely) why we were acting rather oddly.

The flight back was at night and we had half a day to kill – ditched the laptops, rented a car and asked the locals where to go. One stop was the Monastery of Odigitria, near Listaros. Got a really good history lesson and a tour including the olive oil and wine (or was it ouzo?) presses. One of the cells is set up as a mini museum. Unfortunately cannot remember when in time it was “frozen”, my memory is normally good with places and history, but the combination of heat and driving in Crete (== madness!!!) put paid to that. The monk’s cell was interesting, a cross between sparse and very busy, if that makes any sense.
One of the things that struck me was this pegboard with a set of keys, to where or what?


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