of sunsets & havens

sun setting behind the lighthouse at Newhaven Harbour sunset, looking inland from Newhaven Harbour

Each time I fly into Edinburgh I try to get a window seat on the left, preferably not too close to the wing. If the plane comes in to land from the east or the north you get the most amazing view over the Forth. In good weather and poor. One landmark I look out for, over the last few years, is the lighthouse at Newhaven Harbour. I noticed recently, however, the light doesn’t seem to be lit at night, but if you know where to look you’ll still find it.

Then you follow the landmarks from the steeple behind that and along Starbank Road to Granton Harbour, after which the plane banks to come in to land. Just before you lose sight of the bridges. (Best view of the bridges – sit on the right flying out of Edinburgh. Yes, I travel a lot!)

If you can’t take to the air, the best place to catch the sunset in Edinburgh is the same place – Newhaven Harbour (and surrounds). West is out toward the bridges. Yes, this is the UK, not much sun, but if it peeks out for even just a few minutes close to sunset it’s worth going down to the harbour for it. I’ve found the most glorious reds are after a rainy day when the sun comes out just around sunset.

panorama - sunset from Newhaven Harbour, looking toward Granton Harbour
This is maybe 60 degrees, I’m yet to get a 180 degree panorama, mostly because doing that with a handheld DSLR when you remember you’ve forgotten the 4 or so settings just before you have to run out to capture it before it’s gone …

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