afehyia pa

begonia on a sunny balcony

“Afehyia pa” translates literally as “may the years meet well” – considering I clocked into 2017 quite late this is appropriate, even in March… In Ghana it is the greeting used the first time you meet someone in the new year. Also works on their birthday.

And it is especially appropriate on the 6th of March as this is Ghana’s independence day.

So, this marks a new beginning… I have spent the last fortnight trying to figure out which photo to use and still haven’t. But was scrolling through a huge set I haven’t managed to index yet – this is a begonia plant I bought last summer, it lives on my south-facing balcony and was amazingly beautiful in Sep. My first plant was a yellow begonia, a birthday/house-warming present several years and flats ago. This reminder of that plant has survived a pretty cold winter and I’m waiting for it to bloom again.

So, “afehyia pa” to everyone I haven’t managed to say this to yet in 2017. (Btw – pronounced “afeesha” – the response is a bit longer so that will be another post.)


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